Yes, it is true…Wallowa Lake Vacation Rentals has a new website!

There is a lot of ooohhhs, aaaaahhhhsssss, and WOW’s going on over here.  We are pretty pleased with our new partnership with LiveRez to bring you the quickest, cleanest, friendliest, most informative website we can.

Couple of super cool features about our new website:

1)  Compare:  Yes, just like Amazon, you can now compare cabin to cabin.  Won’t that make the decision process easier?  We thought so too!

2)  Advanced Search:  Once you have entered in your date parameters, go on and click that CHECK AVAILABILITY button.  Then, narrow it down even further by clicking on the Advanced Search button items that interest you more.  Let us do the thinking for you.  This new website is so smart, it can almost pack your bags for you!

3)  Travel Insurance:  Wallowa Lake Vacation Rentals will soon be able to offer to you Travel Insurance as well as Damage Insurance.  We unfortunately remember the story of a poor woman who was staying with us that got a really bad case of the flu.  While she was consumed with the issues that come with that, her false teeth came out and unknowingly flushed them down the toilet.  Unfortunately, they were irretrievably gone forever but had she had travel insurance, the ending to this story might have been different.  Check out what other items they cover at https://cdn.liverez.com/1/documents/csa/G-330CSA-Why-Buy.pdf .

4)  Damage Insurance:  We all know that sometimes when you are on vacation, things just happen.  We had a loyal Guest of ours that was BBQ’n in the rain.  They had inadvertantly pushed the BBQ too close to the large picture windows to stay dry but instead ended up with a broken window.  Several hundred dollars later, the window was replaced, but had she purchased the damage insurance at a cost of less than 7% of her rental total fees, she would have had coverage.  Accidents happen, we all know, but having a little extra coverage can save a lot in the end when things just go a little awry.  Visit here for more information on what can be covered for a really reasonable price:  https://cdn.liverez.com/1/documents/csa/G-10VRD.pdf

5)  Online Chat:  Sometimes picking up a phone is kind of a hassle when you just want to ask a quick question.  Pop onto our online chat and reach one of us in the office.  After hours?  Shoot us off a quick email and we will get back to you within the day.

That is just a small sampling of all the great things our new website will offer to you.  Open up your calendar and find some dates.  We are happy to help you find the perfect place for your vacation!

Until next time, Cindi & Jada & Jan @ Wallowa Lake Vacation Rentals

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