School’s back in session!

Wow, where did the summer go?  Seems like only a week or two ago that we were celebrating school being out and looking forward to a few key events that were set to take place over the summer.  Those items are checked off, but I still can’t help but wish for one more month of summer.

Sure, we got to do a lot of really great things this summer, mainly focused on whatever the kiddos were up to, but we also were able to sneak in a few spur of the moment trips and a couple of quick camping trips.

What I end up telling myself every single day that I take my kids to their “first day of being an (fill in the blank)” is this:  Time Is Going So Quickly!

Coy is a 7th grader, Sarah a freshman.  Scares me really.  Seems as if just yesterday they were in the elementary building.  But one thing I know for certain is this:  Time will move on, and all we can do is ride the wave, and enjoy it.

So, make the time to spend with your family whenever and wherever you can.  We hope to be part of your family memories, Cindi & Crew @ WLVR 

Karma is a ……

Fill in the blank…Karma is a ________.  Some might say a not nice word there, but we like to look at the glass half full approach and say Karma is BEAUTIFUL! 

We all believe in Karma here at Wallowa Lake Vacation Rentals.  We work daily to strive for good Karma.  We make decisions sometimes that might not be the most practical, but hope that the Karma Gods are watching.

Need an example?  We had a repeat guest call us today and had a very special event happening in her life and would we “pretty please with a cherry on top” rent her a place for just one night.  Now, if you are in this business, you know that one night stays are about as popular as a cougar on the deck, but hey, sometimes yah gotta do them to be part of the memories!

So, we agreed, she gets a one night stay, her special occasion will be fabulous, AND WE GOT TO BE A PART OF IT!

So, Karma is a beautiful thing and we hope her event is spectacular and we hope the Karma Gods are watching!

Until next time,

Cindi & Crew at WLVR