Joseph Oregon in Google Images

I was up the other night because I couldn’t sleep,…..tried counting sheep, tried watching TV, and just flat couldn’t sleep.  So, I fired up the computer, and up pops Google.  I love a good Google search bar…..

I typed in Joseph Oregon and spent the next hour enjoying the pictures of our beautiful Joseph Oregon and Wallowa County in general.  It is a weird feeling to see a picture that I have taken pop up in Google images but then it brings pride to know that I am sharing my piece of heaven to those that are looking for it.

Fall in Wallowa County is one of my all time favorite times of the year.  The colors are so rich, the weather is so fantastic, the evenings are so cool and the mornings so crisp.  It reminds you that life is about to settle down for a bit, and to squeeze in the last bit of outside fun before the snow falls.

Go ahead, type in Joseph Oregon in Google images… won’t be sorry you did!  Until next time, Cindi

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