Competition is a good thing…..

We all deal with competition; and while it often feels like a threat, it can actually become a good thing.

We aren’t the only rental company at Wallowa Lake, there are several other companies.  While we all are competing for the business, most of us are really good about referring to other companies when we are either full, don’t have a suitable house, etc.  I always figure that as long as people are coming to our area, even if they aren’t staying with us, they are still going to spend their money here, support the local businesses that support the schools, clubs, etc., and if they come back, maybe next time they will stay with us.

Competition though can also bring out the worst in some people.  We were at a High School sporting event last night and the crowd was less than supportive during the game over a few questionable calls.  While I might have agreed with the boo’s, it made me ponder what is it that we are teaching our young men and women who are playing the sport by showing such poor sportsmanship.  

I talk to my kids all the time about first impressions, lasting impressions, and how one moment of heated emotion can turn into a lifetime first impression of someone who is judging you off of that one moment.  First impressions of how we act, what we wear, how we treat others, all reflects upon not only them, but their family as well.  As I sat across the gym and watched this one guy in particular get so upset that he was screaming at the ref and his face was bright red, I watched what I assumed what his child on the court get a technical foul….geeze, wonder where he learned that from?

So, back to competition being a good thing… is, this I firmly believe.  Competition ensures that you try your best, do your best, be your best, at every opportunity that you have to be successful.  It does not, however, have to become something that causes your fellow peeps to wonder if you are going to have a stroke.  Competition to earn your business makes sure that I am keeping up to date on all the technology that I can to make shopping Wallowa Lake Vacation Rentals easier, and competition keeps us constantly updating the homes to make sure that your stay is perfect.

Competition, when used correctly, can ensure that the world is always improving….we just have to figure out a way to get that guy across the gym to see it my way……

Until next time, Cindi

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