Social Media has come to Wallowa Lake Vacation Rentals!

We finally joined the Social Media world and now we tweet, pin, Facebook to reach our customers.

It was a slow process to begin tweeting; it seems a little pushy to always be showing up in someone’s feeds all the time, but people have asked us to tweet, so tweet we will do!  

We also have started pinning to Pinterest.  I do love Pinterest.  It gives me a whole lot of information, ideas, recipes, fun fashion, photography, all in one location.  Our website has the capabilities to PIN/TWEET/FACEBOOK, so it is fun for our Clients to be able to share their love of Wallowa Lake with their peeps that run in their circles.

Facebook was actually one of our first ventures of Social Media.  I find Facebook the easiest to use, so we post a lot more here.  If you haven’t LIKED us on Facebook yet, you might want to.  This is where we post specials, events, and friendly competitions!  To like our Facebook page, please visit us here :

Happy Tweeting/Pin-ing/Facebooking to you!  

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