7 Wonders Of Oregon

7 Wonders Of Oregon

Emily Forsha with Travel Oregon knows what she is talking about!

Ms. Forsha just wrote a story called “The 7 Wonders of Oregon” that hit the “air” today.  In her little ditty she mentions Stein’s Distillery, Arrowhead Chocolates, Terminal Gravity as well as the Wallowa Lake Tramway and Hells Canyon.

Well done Ms. Forsha!  You picked places that as a local I too think they are note worthy!  As many of you followers know, I love to do “research” at Arrowhead Chocolate.  I consider it my personal obligation to sample their salted caramel mocha atleast monthly.

Terminal Gravity hosts an open mic night that recently showcased my friend’s son Casey Kiser and his band SORRY NEIGHBORS.  Great food, good beer, great music….can’t beat that combination!

Stein’s Distillery?  Yum…their cordials are my absolute favorite!  They are donating a basket to the Enterprise Education Foundation’s dinner auction in April, and I plan to put down the change to take that basket home with me.  Worth….every….penny!

The kids and I visited the Wallowa Lake Tramway as tourists a few years ago.  Spent the day up there, loved it!  It was so peaceful, and quiet, and fun to go and experience it with the innocent eyes of my kids that had never been up before (yes, I know that is terrible!).  We hiked, we enjoyed the wildlife, we ate at the Summit Grill, we just enjoyed.

There are a lot of great businesses in Wallowa County and the sites of our grand County are breathtaking.

Why don’t you come and see what Ms. Emily Forsha is talking about!

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