Partnerships are a good thang’

We spend a lot of time in the day trying to come up with ways to make things better, run smoother, work smarter not harder, etc.  And, we had a great idea of a new partnership that we could offer to our customer, all the while promoting another business that we love, and providing another great service to you!

We are very pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Sugar Time Bakery of Enterprise to bring you cinnamon rolls delivered to your cabin/home so when you walk in the door–what do you smell?  Yup, fresh, gooey, lil-bit-o-heaven, cinnamon rolls.

And, these aren’t your tiny little ones that you could eat 2 or 3 of and feel like you maybe ate one?  We are talking monster rolls.  Huge, beautiful, homemade rolls drizzled with a powdered sugar frosting, all fresh to greet you after a long travel to our beautiful area.

Gotta go now….I am drooling and just remembered that I have one of these that I “must taste to check quality” and a hot cup of coffee that need to partner up.

Until next time!  Cindi


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