Life is better at the lake…….

There are a few things we ❤ here at Wallowa Lake Vacation Rentals.

Hearts….you’ll notice that Jada has a fondness for finding ❤ in nature with her posts.  If you see any in your travels while you are at Wallowa Lake, tag us so she can enjoy them too! ❤

Contests…..we run a lot of contests on our Facebook page.  In fact, that is what brought you here today…..but, we won’t spoil the fun quite yet….keep reading!

Small businesses….we are so excited to feature businesses each Saturday.  We don’t just pick these willy nilly, we pick them because we love them.  They embody what we think is so important to be a successful business….great customer service, great products, great experiences!

And, finally!  We ❤ drinks.  Jada will be your chai girl, while Jan is more of a crystal light girl, and me?  Well, I ❤  coffee, wine and margaritas (but not at the same time).  So, what better way to enjoy our favorite beverages of choice than with these little babies!  12 oz tumblers, insulated, with a lid.  Perfect for your hot or your cold drinks.  Pure perfection! ❤


Congrats to Kolby Wakefield!  You were the lucky winner.  PM us your mailing address and we’ll mail you your winning treat!

These are for purchase if you love them like we do!  $20 and it can be waiting in your cabin, or $25 shipped to your home to bring the lake to you!

Enjoy!   Cindi ❤




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