Chief Joseph Days past and present….



Chief Joseph Days is one of our biggest weekends of the whole summer.  The town FLOODS with extra people and almost every street you travel on has either a few tents in the yard or multiple homes or camptrailers parked in the driveways.  It’s a time for family reunions, lots of fun parades, and about all the rodeo events that one could possibly imagine.

Last night at the rodeo, we saw an arena record be broken, and even Trevor Brazille came and roped in our little community rodeo.  Apparently, we aren’t a “little community rodeo” afterall!

Throw back to the picture above in 2016 when our daughter Sarah was a Princess for this rodeo.   We spent the summer following her around rodeos in Idaho, Washington and Oregon.  I loved my time with her and her horse.  These are memories that I’ll forever treasure and watching her grow as a teenager into a young lady, handle herself in immense pressure situations, soften to the young littles that looked up to her with total awe, will be forever engraved into my heart.  She’s a special young lady and no words will ever adequately describe my immense pride in the human that she was and is.

It’s not too early to start planning for CJD 2020.  Check out this website for pictures, history, tickets, etc.

Happy Chief Joseph Days everyone!  Until next time, Cindi



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