June events in Wallowa County!

It’s kick off season for events that happen at Wallowa Lake, Joseph, and Enterprise and the little towns around us.  Here is a sampling of events that you can enjoy if you are visitor to Wallowa County in June!

Every Saturday the Wallowa County Farmer’s Market.

Every Thursday Fishtrap presents a different author, specifically Ursula LeGuin, and several poetry writing workshops.

June 2:  2nd Annual Imnaha Flea Market, Wallowa County Humane Society “For the love of Buddy” walk, Flora School Days, Annual Joseph Art Walk, Eagle Cap Excursion (wine and chocolate train–which makes me wonder why I’m writing this instead of living this!), Josephy Center Opening Exhibit of dams, fish controversy, music at Wallowa Lake State Park, Range Rider live music.

June 7:  Courthouse concert series, Terminal Gravity live music.

June 8:  Oregon Mtn. Car show, Wallowa Mtn. Quilt Show, both in Joseph, and Terminal Gravity live music.

June 9:  Oregon Mtn. Car show and Quilt Show continue.  Wallowaology Joseph Canyon Outing, Get Outdoors Oregon Day, Blue Mtn. Fiddle Show.

June 16:  Alpine Meadows Golf Triple 6 tournament, Eagle Cap Excursion Spring Train Robbery reenactment.

June 23:  Walk on to stop diabetes, Summerfest in Enterprise, Mountain High Broncs and Bulls.

June 29:  Maxville Gathering, Watershed Festival, CJD Ranch Rodeo, Eagle Cap Excursion Train I LOVE AMERICAN VETERANS’ ride, TwentyOne Feet Training, CJD Ranch rodeo continues.

For more information, please check out the Wallowa County Chamber Events page at: http://www.wallowacountychamber.com/events/calendar/    CLICK ON THE LIVE LINKS FOR MORE DETAILED INFORMATION!

Moral of the blog?  You won’t log for anything to do while you are here.  So, come and see us!   Until next time, Cindi

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